“Accelerating AI Adoption across Singapore’s Public Sector.”

It was a pleasure to host a Singapore Public Sector Lunch for DataRobot. Our lead Gillian Cheng – AI Director – DataRobot ensured an open discussion on the below.

Whether in the early or maturing stages of your AI journey, DataRobot can help agencies within the Public Sector tackle their toughest challenges and unlock the power of applied AI, at scale and responsibly. Discover how DataRobot can help agencies democratize data science, providing models and training that can enable employees without a data science background to leverage AI processes to increase efficiency, generate cost savings, and reduce risk.

We discussed:

  • Learn how MLOps can help you deploy, monitor, manage, and govern your models at scale 
  • Understand how you can scale your AI and ML efforts without relying solely on Data Scientist resources.
  • See the DataRobot’s AI platform in action and learn more about how we integrate with TAL and GCC for seamless adoption.
  • An open discussion around Public Sector AI adoption.

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