Past Attendees

We work the largest and most innovative companies across the APAC region.


“Great networking opportunity. I learnt about content from some of the team that was useful industry knowledge and made contacts I can lean on in future. Great venue & service”
James Dalton – Head of Digital – NAB


“Thank you for a lovely evening”
Kok Foong Lee – SVP, Risk & Control – DBS


“I liked the breakfast and would like to know more regarding what the sponsor can offer.”
Amit Kumarwar – Head of Data Management-Asia – AXA


“The best thing I took away was sharing info on other organisations implementations and chatting to the vendors about roadmap items.”
Ben Wise – CISO – Macquarie Bank


“I had a great time indeed, with some excellent conversations around the table. Thanks again for including me in this terrific event.”
Anke Vuletic – Head of Delivery Transformation – AMP

Coca Cola

“I enjoyed the discussions at the breakfast & meeting the peers from my industry.”
Vicky Abhishek – Group CTO – Coca-Cola

BNP Paribas

“Excellent content and networking session.”
Quy-Doan Do – CDO – BNP Paribas

Credit Suisse

“Really interesting conversation with senior people. I loved the format.”
Shane Bassett – Head of Group Risk, Finance IT – Credit Suisse


“I enjoyed knowing that all industries are facing the same issues on all scales.”
Natalie Warren-Smith – Head of Brand & Marketing – Westpac


“Good format and content pitched at the right level also A good understanding of the technology capability.”
Keng Yeo – Executive Manager – IAG


“Good session! I took away the niche focus provider has on end point data/security.”
Josh Gow – Head of Analytics – CBA

Bank of Singapore

“I took away that digital identities are getting implemented, there is hope for the future. I’m curious to hear more about specific use cases.”
Kevin Boezennec – Director Innovation – Bank of Singapore


“I really liked the concept of the digital transformation map and the reassurance that we as CMO’s are all in the same boat. I felt the host’s offering was very relevant.”
Lucy Sharp – Head of Marketing – Adecco


“Good format and content pitched at the right level also A good understanding of the technology capability.”
Keng Yeo – Executive Manager – IAG


“I enjoyed meeting management circle and supporters like friends and most of the performed content that matches the goals or project plans in the near future 2020.”
Thapat Nanthato – Group IT Operations Manager – AIA


“Very informative lunch. Well done.”
Andrew Koay – Head of Blockchain Technology – SGX

Seven West Media

“Great session length. Was good to hear zero trust becoming more mainstream than I had realised.”
Darren Kerry – Director of Digital – Seven West Media


“Thought provoking! Lovely venue and great to network with industry professionals.”
Rebecca Kennedy – Head of Marketing – Bank of New Zealand


“Great networking and gaining insight into CX maturity in other industries.”
Ian Frain – GM Customer Experience – DHL

Johnson and Johnson

“It was great hearing from people from other industries really helped to open my mind. They were also lovely people and it was terrific networking.”
Heather Paterson – Director of Marketing – Johnson & Johnson


“It was an interesting and lovely session, some good quality time. I appreciated the depth of connection we were able to make with 1-2 people, rather than the usual overwhelm of networking events. My greatest insight was around how much more honest conversations can be in this kind of setting and environment. Absolutely enjoyed this thoughtful event. Thank you for invite and inclusion. The format and event was wonderful.”
Vinay Lopes – Head of IT – HSBC

Greater Bank

“It was a good session. The presentation was really engaging and the content super relevant to us.”
Mark Spry – Head of Digital Strategy & Transformation – Greater Bank


“Excellent presentation. Loved the energy wish he spoke for longer.”
Gary Anderson – Head of Customer Strategy & Digital Experience – IMB Bank

BNY Mellon

“I get invited to so many events that I cannot attend, but I have to say I’m delighted attending the ACCESS lunch today. Great content, very relevant to us and actually showed me we are behind where we need to be.”
Richard Capistrano – Head of IT Security – BNY Mellon


“I thought the sponsor offerings were relevant.”
Dash Satyakam – VP of IT – Abbott


“From the breakfast session, I got a good understanding of the sponsor offering of product & services. Also, it was rewarding to hear from the other participation on their concerns and challenges for digital transformation.”
Francis Yeo – GM Technology & Digital Transformation – NTUC

Central Group

“Thank you for the invite it was a great lunch. Please have one of the team reach out to me to discuss the next steps.”
Pierre Loubignac – Head of Customer Experience – Central Group


“It was also good to catch up with past acquaintances.”
Lester Lim – SVP – Lazada

State Street

“It was great to hear the moderator and the others on relevant content.”
Pooja Shimpi – AVP APAC Data Governance – State Street

Vena Energy

I think these sessions are very useful especially from best practice sharing, knowledge of new tools like networking.”
Krishna Warrier – Group Head of IT – Vena Energy

International SOS

“I took away that Enterprise data cataloguing is key. Great session!”
Ramesh Munamarty – SVP – International SOS


“It was great to network with industry peers and to hear awareness on security points for mobile use.”
Timmo Rol – CTO – Corporate Travel Management


“Great company, great food, great wine – good afternoon! I will be meeting the sponsor to discuss some offerings in more detail.”
Quinton Kotze – Cyber & Technology Practice Leader – Chubb


“One of the best things was that it was a very diverse group but all focused on single agenda around Security and Digital Transformation. The attendees were very relevant to the space I am in.”
Vishal Singhvi – VP of AI – Mastercard


“Thanks very much for the mobile security sharing lunch! It’s indeed relevant to what our office is doing.”
Eileen Ping – IT Director – Ministry of Defence Singapore


“I very much enjoyed the lunch.”
Natalie Lewis – Head of Customer Experience – Latitude Financial