“Accelerating applied intelligence in Financial Services.”

We recently hosted a Singapore Financial Services Leaders Lunch on behalf of DataRobot. Our lead Simon Brender – RVP Asia – DataRobot kicked off the session with…

The need to accelerate and operationalise the adoption of AI & ML at scale across Financial Services organizations in Singapore, and throughout the region, has never been greater. New entrants are changing market dynamics, and global uncertainty means that organizations are looking to drive their competitive advantage by unlocking the full potential of AI & ML. Understanding the right strategy and avoiding some of the common pitfalls such as the endless cycle of proof of concepts,  is critical to success. 

We explored the different strategies adopted and share experiences on what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what can be done to accelerate the pace of AI adoption across an organisation.

  • We discussed some of the challenges across accelerating AI & ML in Financial Services and how to tackle them.
  • Gain the insight of Accenture’s Managing Director and Chief Data Scientist on the principles and practices you need to accelerate your transformation.
  • Debate and discuss the right Governance frameworks that will allow you to keep pace with the evolving regulatory landscape.
  • See how AI & ML can drive your digital transformation across a broad range of Financial Services use cases

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