As Malaysia & Vietnam embraces digital, what’s the security trade-off?

We recently worked with CheckPoint Software’s – CIO- Sharon Schusheim on two Virtual Roundtables with a. group of CIO’s and CISO’s across Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam on the below.

The surge to embrace digitalisation across Asia is asking new questions of technology executives as revised business demands create increased security challenges.

Triggered by Covid-19 and a change in market dynamics, compromises are now being made in relation to cost, compliance and convenience.

Yet such a trade-off places increased pressure on IT Leaders to accommodate the needs of the wider organisation with the fundamentals of protection – how can businesses strike a balance?

This IT Leaders roundtable outlined the new security considerations required when building out a digitalisation strategy.

Key discussion points:

•         Assessing the revised state of cyber security

•         Highlighting key IT Leaders challenges when embracing digitalisation

•         Outlining increased risk levels associated with new technologies and business models

•         Demonstrating how to balance increased digital adoption with enhanced protection

•         Documenting security best practices and future opportunities

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