“Automating analytics – your secret weapon for financial resiliency”.

It was a pleasure to work in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Jakarta with Alteryx and three large groups of Data and Analytics leaders discussing….

The continued economic and market uncertainty is creating more pressure for Finance professional to shape a recovery path while delivering more with less. While recession and inflation remain significant barriers to growth, other challenges persist including retaining talent and recruiting skilled professionals, responding to increased regulatory scrutiny and investor demands, and addressing supply chain issues.

Given such market events are no longer the exception, organisations are striving to establish a more robust operating model.

Improving data and analytics skills and capabilities and driving transformation efforts offers opportunities to become more financially resilient. However, it can be difficult to know where to start, how to build momentum and deliver success. In this session, we will share experiences from finance leaders and discuss the ingredients for successful digital Finance transformation, focusing on how you can:

  • Assess and prioritise opportunities across the Finance landscape.
  • Shape and drive digital data and analytics transformation.
  • Build and retain talent through analytics automation.

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