“B2B Marketers Circle: Driving Efficient Growth in An Economic Downturn.”

It was a real pleasure to work with ON24 in Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, and Melbourne with groups of B2B Marketing Leaders discussing….

Leading marketing often feels like walking a tightrope – it takes a careful balance to hit each quarter’s targets while you’re putting the people, processes, and technologies in place to scale.

Now, as we face tighter budgets and greater uncertainty, how will you make sure your team is ready for growth in 2023?

We’ll exchange insights to get quick wins and share strategies to drive long-term growth and focus the discussion on how to:

  • Align across GTM functions while staying efficient.
  • How to scale and be more creative with limited resources and a leaner budget.
  • Manage organisational change while developing a high-performing team.
  • Get immediate pipeline impact while building for long-term growth.

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