“Best practices to improve cybersecurity program performance: Take a risk-based approach.”

SkyBox Security hosted a group of CISOs & CIOs in Sydney over lunch to discuss..

Cybersecurity is not an exact science. Every single risk cannot be mitigated or transferred. Equally, every vulnerability will not cause significant harm to the business. So how do you prioritize where to aim your security resources? A global cybersecurity benchmarking study points out that organizations that take a risk-based approach to cybersecurity have fewer breaches and excel in risk-based strategies.

During this roundtable we discussed:

  • How do organisations mature their vulnerability programs from periodic scans to CTEM (Continuous Threat & Exposure Management)
  • What new tools and products are organizations adopting to monitor their assets and attack surfaces.
  • Which cybersecurity practices effectively reduce the probability of a breach and accelerate the time to detect, respond to, and mitigate a breach?
  • How do organizations identify and prioritize critical vulnerabilities? What strategies are organizations taking to gain visibility within an increasingly fragmented security environment?

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