Beyond the Hype – The Coming Era of Responsible AI.

It was a pleasure to host a Roundtable in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Jakarta, New Delhi, and Malaysia discussing…

While AI has been around in various forms for decades, there is no denying that with the arrival of Generative AI capabilities like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and many others, it has exploded into the business and public consciousness in recent times. While the astonishing pace of development and adoption promises many benefits, the hype is quickly fading, replaced with the (less-exciting) realities of accountability and risk in modern life.

Beyond the technology itself, considerations that demand our attention include:

  • Bias and Ethics – If AI has done one thing, it has shone a light on the inherent bias baked into our existing data and models. As unexpected as it is prevalent, this particular genie cannot be put back into the bottle and must be addressed by both data practitioners and society as a whole, if AI as it stands is going to have a sustainable future.
  • Explainability – On a similar note, the entirety of human business and social systems, operate on a basis of transparency and, if challenged, explainability. Modern AI has upended that model, however, while humans remain ultimately accountable, a means and process for justifying AI-driven decisions/output is mandatory.
  • Regulation – Finally, and most pragmatically, governments and regulatory bodies are obliged to address and attempt to manage the above risks. There are all kinds of challenges and arguments on how this should be accomplished, however, it will happen without a doubt. It’s incumbent on the industry and society to figure out the right approach.

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