Bridging Analytics, People and Business Processes for Optimum Business Outcomes

We ran a series of Domo IT Leaders private breakfast sessions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Auckland and Singapore. We always had at least 19+ delegates attend each city due to the below content.

Agenda and discussion Items:

·         Overcoming integration challenges and realising a cost-effective platform to promote long-term success

·         Exploring how large scale businesses transitioned digitally and the key challenges they have overcome along the way

·         Realising the lessons learned and strategies implemented to accelerate their digital journey

·         Aligning their core business goals with a long-term digital strategy

Other takeaways

·         Why traditional approaches to transformation aren’t delivering and the limitations of not doing things differently

·         How successful leaders are de-risking transformation through a data and analytics led change management approach

·         The five stages in data and analytics maturity and how to identify where you’re at, where you should be, and how to close the gap

·         How to reframe your approach to data and analytics to reduce the time to value and avoid long-running, high cost, high risk IT projects.

·         How to identify and quantify a use case for a data- and analytics- led transformation project that will deliver results in as little as six weeks, and examples of successful organisations who have done so

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