Business is complex – simplify IT with a modern workplace

Last week we had the pleasure to run a Sydney IT Operations Leaders Roundtable at Rosetta with 19 COO’s and Head’s of IT Operations. Harbour IT sponsored this Roundtable and kicked off with the below content.

There is a real elegance in simplicity; it means having fewer things to manage, configure, integrate, secure, and ultimately break down. This means fewer things that can go wrong and there are fewer places where a misconfiguration can create an entry point for an attacker. When you reduce IT complexity, you also reduce friction and risk, leading to better user experience, improved IT control, and increased productivity.

Simplified IT means better security at a lower cost and more productivity.

We covered a highly valuable session for organisations facing any of the scenarios below:

  • Aging, cumbersome and complex desktop and infrastructure environment 
  • Looking to reduce ongoing licensing and support costs 
  • Looking to simplify ongoing IT management and support
  • Requiring improved control and visibility over the environment 
  • High growth organisations looking to scale at speed with certainty and reliability
  • Needing greater control over your security posture and compliance requirements
  • Aging infrastructure and looking to replace with the latest tools and offerings available to increase productivity and reliability

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