Call your Numbers with Confidence.

We recently hosted a Revenue Leaders Sydney Lunch for Xactly Corp’

Intelligent Revenue is a new approach to creating the resilience that your business needs to grow profitably and predictably, regardless of changes in the market. It not only considers the boardroom strategy for business growth but also the operating system to drive seller behaviour. At this exclusive lunch, you will learn how to put sellers at the heart of your Revenue Operations strategy to drive resilience, predictability, and profitability for your business.

Group discussion points:

  1. What are the challenges to businesses, and specifically sellers, today as they prepare for tomorrow?
  2. How are companies planning their GTM and what makes it hard?
  3. How are companies predicting sales outcomes and what makes it hard?
  4. How are companies increasing seller performance and what makes it hard?
  5. Are companies solving them as separate issues or holistically? How? Why is that the right or wrong approach?
  6. What is the role of RevOps in supporting business resilience and revenue sustainability and addressing the challenges?
  7. What people, process, and technology does RevOps need to consider fulfilling their role & targets?

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