Compliant versus Protected.

Is a compliance-based approach to cybersecurity enough to protect your organisation?

We recently hosted a CISO & CIO Melbourne Lunch Roundtable with our partner SkyBox Security. This was a well moderated session and our speaker Skybox Security’s CEO, Gidi Cohen did a great job keeping the discussions very open on the below.

While industry regulations provide a minimum standard of security to businesses, these truly only satisfy the lowest common denominator of security controls. The best security officers know that satisfying checklists does not ensure protection, your organisation needs more. You need to understand where and how you are exposed.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Security and Compliance – What’s more important and to who?
  • Security versus Compliance – How well does your organisation balance the two?
  • At a board level, is the cost of not being secure higher than the cost of not being compliant? Or is it the other way round?
  • How is Cyber Compliance being resourced? Is this with cyber or risk professionals?
  • How can you leverage your 3rd party service provider’s responsibility to meet your compliance needs?

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