“Cyber Resiliency: A Board-level Conversation.”

Our host Veritas took our CIOs and CISOs’ journey in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland discussing….

As devastating, high-profile attacks become a weekly occurrence, executive leaders are having to answer the tough questions.

  • How did our customers’ personal information become compromised?
  • Do we know the extent of the exposure?
  • Could there be more at risk?
  • What do we do next?

Veritas explored the approaches to protection & recovery. Fellow executives shared their insights and the steps they are taking. 

  • Lessons learnt from recent high profile data breaches.
  • Best practises and experience sharing around recovery.
  • Proactive steps to prepare – people, processes, technology.
  • Data management use cases & insights from a large Australian bank and a large Australian petroleum refinery

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