“Data and Digital Transformation in Financial Services”

Google recently hosted a Virtual Roundtable for a group of FSI Leaders across Asia. Our speaker Matt Pancino – Director of Industry Solutions APAC – Google Cloud opened up the session with the below.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that digital banking is no longer optional. While digital banking has been talked about for almost a decade, the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the need for reduced operational costs and improved customer experiences. Financial institutions must re-asses their existing business models, core systems, structure, distribution networks, and commitment to innovation. This is in an environment of more demanding consumers, more agile competition, and shareholders who are looking for more efficiencies. This session provides practical guides to think about how you should accelerate your journey.

We discussed:

Pressures on the Industry – COVID and longer-term market disruption through new entrants, partnerships, and the evolving fintech ecosystem.

Data-Driven Banking – Navigating the wealth of information sources, trust, privacy, and security.

Approaches to Digital Transformation – sequencing the journey and key learnings.

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