Data-driven Responses to Healthcare Disruption

This week ACCESS worked with Informatica once again hosting a Philippines Healthcare Leaders Virtual Roundtable. Below was the content of the discussion.

Healthcare organisations around the world are going through significant changes in response to regulatory mandates, as well as meeting the challenge of a global pandemic. Common to these efforts is the increased need for timely, high-quality data throughout the enterprise.

This virtual roundtable will share how leading health organisations are solving these challenges of modernizing their data management practices, both to ensure compliance privacy as well as to unlock value for both patients and providers.

We covered the below points during the Virtual Roundtable:

The journey from siloed, manual data management to collaborative & automated practices across the organisation.

How health  and life science organisations have leveraged their data to improve care delivery, patient engagement, revenue management as well as operational efficiency.

·  The opportunity for data management initiatives to foster a data-driven culture and accelerate advanced analytics.

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