Data Privacy – Protecting PII in the Financial Sector.

It was a pleasure to host an FSI Hong Kong Leaders Lunch on behalf of Nuix discussing…

In the highly regulated financial industry, Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data poses massive, potentially catastrophic risks for organizations.

With 800,000 records compromised daily, the threat is real and growing exponentially, with a minimum cost of $4 million per breach.

To address these challenges, Binary Solutions and Nuix invite you to attend a private luncheon to discuss four critical data privacy challenges that organizations are currently grappling with. 

The event provided the opportunity to connect with industry peers and give you insights to learn data privacy best practices, and how to prevent breaches.

  • In a hybrid workplace environment, what are you doing to proactively prevent data breaches eg handling sensitive/confidential information in less secured environments? Will you know which customers are being affected by the breach?
  • With recent data breaches e.g. Cyberport and consumer council, what are some of the learnings taken by organisations to ensure the privacy of customers’ data?
  • Can AI impact or improve data privacy/breach challenges?

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