“Delivering business resilience with cyber risk quantification by measuring breach likelihood in real time using quantitative methods underpinned by MITRE ATTACK.”

The CEO of SAFE Security – Saket Modi was in Sydney hosting an IT Security Leaders Lunch discussing…

Businesses are already doing more than enough and spending billions to identify risk from external (threat intel), and internal signals (from your cybersecurity tools, technology assets, people, and processes). SOC teams, internal security executives, and analysts are overwhelmed by the number of data signals they have to deal with, daily. You do not require another product or service to produce another list of actionable recommendations that complicate your job. Instead, you need a systematic method to consume the data your team already has, parse it through a platform that leverages data science to deliver a simple, easy-to-digest, actionable, and speaks the language your C-suite and the Board understands. 

This is where Cyber Risk Quantification and Management solutions are a game-changer.

  • A discussion on the global macro conditions driving cyber risk quantification with analyst recognition.
  • Insights from the roundtable group on current challenges with measuring and managing cyber risk effectively across the enterprise in Australia.
  •  SAFE Security’s vision to become the de facto standard in Cyber Risk Quantification and Management.
  • Key use cases via customer success stories from around the world

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