Delivering Open-source Databases as Managed Cloud Services and the case for managed databases.

It was a pleasure to host a Sydney IT Leaders Lunch for AIVEN. Our speaker Troy Sellers – Staff Solutions Architect, APAC – AIVEN kicked off the lunch with…

During this sit-down, roundtable luncheon, we will explain how we are assisting companies in both adopting and simplifying the management of their open-source workloads and how combining the flexibility of open source with the agility of cloud service allows them to focus resources on using data to drive business decisions and improve their customer outcomes.  We also want to hear from participants about their views and experiences in both adopting and managing open-source databases for their products and business operations.

We discussed:

What is attractive about open source in this cloud-native era?

How easy it is on adopting open source to manage your application’s data layer.

Have you considered a 100% open-source data layer for any complex data/event-driven applications?

What do we think is on the horizon for open-source data platforms?

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