“Developing A Strategic Advantage Through Customer Experience Execution,”

We hosted a Lunch Roundtable for 15 CXOs and VPs of Customer Experience discussing…

Most organisations are focused on delivering high-quality, consistent, and brand-aligned experiences to their customers. There is a conceptual recognition that this will in turn drive customer engagement, spending, loyalty, and retention. All of which improve profitability. However, this can be challenging to achieve, as it requires a strategic and organisation-wide approach that leverages the best of humanity and technology.

Our group discussed:

  • What do our research and experience tell us about creating exceptional experiences.
  • How to embed the mindsets and systems required to underpin success.
  • Designing the right experiences and uplifting organisational capabilities to enable these.
  • Leveraging AI and automation technology to deliver scale, efficiencies, personalisation and strategic advantage.

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