Discovering the Real Value of CX

We have worked with InMoment on Lunch Roundtables in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore securing 20+ CxO’s in each City due to the below content.

In today’s experience economy brands know the importance of investing in programs, resources and tools to improve CX. But in a recent study by Forrester, only 14% of companies said they had a well-established program for calculating their return on investments in CX and linking CX to financial impact.

We heard how to take your CX program to the next level and walk away with an understanding of:

·         How to map CX initiatives to the strategic objectives of your business 

·         The key financial measures CX can influence and building a business case for investment

·         Actions to take across the business to show change and have a positive impact on CX and ROI

·         Best practices from the world’s leading brands

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