“Driving Business Performance, managing Compliance and Risk in Banking and Financial Services.”

We hosted an FSI Singapore lunch on behalf of Pure Storage and Red Hat discussing…

As Financial Services organisations seek to keep pace with digitalisation, organisations are facing increased pressure to modernize their business models. As a consequence, technology teams are being goaled to drive business growth and improve cost efficiency, while addressing key challenges such as On-Demand access to data insight, maintaining business continuity and shift to cloud-like operations and consumption.

We will discuss and share insights on paths to overcome the challenges of data compliance complexity increasing with distributed systems. Additionally, we will explain how we are assisting financial institutions to drive more data-driven insights as well as what it means in terms of impact on system resilience and reliability.

Group Discussion Points:

  • Banks are adopting Agile methodologies to have fast responses to the current dynamic environment. But Agile methodologies demand a lot from the DevOps teams to make the right decisions based on general goals, as opposed to clearly defined user requirements and budget. This is especially challenging for highly regulated industries such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI). 
  • Data, that is current and relevant, is often pivotal to help these DevOps teams to make the right decisions. 
  • Without the traditional team boundaries, how do financial institutions adopt Agile methodologies and yet conform to regulatory requirements such as Ownership, Business Continuity, Service uptime, Security and Risk Management?

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