“Driving Hyper-personalization and innovation through data in the FSI.”

We recently hosted a FSI Networking Evening in Jakarta on behalf of Thoughtworks. Our group discussed…..

“Treating the customer as a segment of one in a hyper-personalized digital world (meaningful content, tailored products & advice, optimized service)“

In a hyperconnected digital world, customers expect experiences and recommendations that are tailored to their needs. A world which is recovering from a pandemic and an increasingly uncertain macroeconomic environment is likely to place tremendous cost and operational efficiency pressures on the financial services players and the ecosystem at large. The need to evolve and change has never been bigger.

As incumbent banks and financial institutions go head-to-head with today’s digital-first, ecosystem-driven platform businesses their success going forward will increasingly depend on how much they understand their customer’s unique needs and are able to deliver hyper-personalized financial services predominantly across 3 aspects :

Meaningful content (Enhanced trust and loyalty by anticipating needs and removing friction)

Tailored products and advice (Increased value and reduced risk )

Optimized service(Ubiquitous presence across channels; understanding the customer’s ecosystem)

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