Essential 8 executive Roundtables.

We recently hosted some Sydney and Melbourne lunches for 30 CISOs and CIOs for BeyondTrust discussing the below.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)’s Essential Eight – a prioritised list of cybersecurity risk mitigation strategies – was revised in July.

While the Essential Eight is required for Australian Government departments and agencies, it is also implemented by many private sector organisations looking towards its best practices.

Meeting parts of the Essential Eight is considered daunting for many organisations. However, security technologies such as Privileged Access Management (PAM) can help organisations bridge the gap for a number of the requirements of the Essential Eight.

BeyondTrust invites you to a discussion amongst peers of the Essential Eight, how organisations are aligning to it and how PAM can support those strategies.

Our group discussed:

  • How the latest revisions to the strategies
  • Hear from your peers on how they are approaching the Essential Eight in their organisations 
  • Discuss know how Privileged Access Management maps against the eight strategies

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