Extending the Enterprise – In the future, is Managed Integration an essential partner to modernising your ERP systems?

We recently hosted an OpenText CIO India Virtual Roundtable discussing…..

Early applications running on monolithic systems served well-defined functions but limited information exchange between systems. Then came Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP, NetSuite, Oracle ERPs, built as an integrated suite of functions that allowed business processes to be interconnected across departments. While the concept was good, it is missing the ability to connect with B2B data, which is crucial to completing business-level processes. According to an IDG research*, on average, 44% of transactional data in the ERP system comes from outside the organisation.

What we need is total integration. It seems that while business leaders see the opportunities of integrating B2B data with their ERP, they also see the complexity and cost involved, especially if integration is not well-executed.

Our host will take us through how Managed Integration can partner and support the modernisation of your ERP systems.

We will be discussing:

  • Do you need to rethink your organisation’s integration and ERP strategy?
  • Can you support ERP migrations and optimise costs by understanding your B2B data?
  • How can you interrogate vast quantities of EDI and ERP data to obtain a complete and accurate view of your B2B requirements?

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