“FP&A: The new Engine of Finance Transformation.”

It was a pleasure to host some CFO Lunches in Sydney and Melbourne for Jedox. Our moderator Colin Wright from The Virtual CFO Group kicked off the open discussions on the below…..

Finance leaders are considered the principal steward of capital in an organisation. As one the decision-makers in an organisation, they are supported by competent and progressive teams that allow them to monitor where the capital was, is, and goes next.

While the finance function continues to progress, looking into the future is where the focus now lies. Therefore, the FP&A unit continues to receive critical attention, as they are now considered the drivers of change not just in Finance, but in the entire organization.

Group discussion points:

  • Understanding the role of FP&A in the Finance unit of an organization.
  • Factors that influence the FP&A and Finance team to achieve value imperatives.
  • Forecasts and analysis of FP&A trends.
  • The future of FP&A.

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