“Frictionless Security at the Pace of Innovation.”

We hosted a Singapore IT Security Leaders Lunch Roundtable on behalf of Radware. Our lead Andrew Ang – Regional Director started the open discussions on….

Application environments have never been so diverse, and Application/API protection has never been so complicated. Application and cloud security are converging. Your organization needs to think differently about how to keep apps and the cloud secure. Security needs to be “frictionless” and highly automated to ensure defenses are up-to-speed for changes to apps, the cloud, or both.

We discussed:

  1. Your users expect their information to be available 24×7. Your applications availability (and service levels) is degraded when cyberattacks threaten these application or ISP outages. How can you ensure the digital experience and application availability while making your platforms resilient to cyberattacks?
  2. Ever-evolving compliance regulations and standards (such as PCI and GDPR) with requirements for protecting PII, are constant concerns in the financial world. How are you keeping your customers happy with a fast and safe online experience that is always available and protects their PII?
  3. Transitioning services to the cloud drives costs savings and agility; resulting in multiple environments that can limit network control and complicate cybersecurity policies. How is your transition strategy secured while automating functions securely?
  4. Protecting users’ sensitive data is becoming increasingly more complex. Although securing data, applications and the network environment are critical, it’s not the primary function of financial services businesses. How are you coping with the lack of security expertise and personnel in a shrinking market of experts?

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