Future of Internet Security in Australia

The Cloudflare IT Security Leaders Sydney Roundtable was hosted for 20 of their target customers to discuss the below content.

Today’s attackers are stronger and more sophisticated than ever. As a consequence, government and media scrutiny around data, privacy and internet security has grown. More public APIs, the shift towards cloud, and increasing third-party integrations also mean a greater attack surface area.

We discussed:

  • Australia’s new encryptions law, what difference does it make? Does this make the fight against threats better or worse?
  • Will cyber threats only get worse? How?
  • Does encryption just mask visibility to cyber-attacks?
  • How are companies combating the biggest and newest security attacks without sacrificing performance?
  • Who do I trust in a zero trust tech world?
  • Theoretical best of breed vs visibility vs complexity? How to weigh up the pros and cons.

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