Future Proofed Machine Identity Management

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With shorter certificate lifespans, organizations will need to renew their digital certificates more often—four times a year instead of just once. That means they must be prepared to identify certificates that are about to expire, request that new ones are issued and revoke the expiring certificates. Without automation, this is an arduous task, given that the number of certificates that organizations are using is growing exponentially. 

Since many organizations lack the automation capabilities necessary to replace certificates with short lifespans at machine scale and speed, they are likely to see sharp increases in outages caused by unexpected certificate expirations. These problems are exacerbated by the fact that most organizations have certificate renewal processes that are prone to human error. When combined, these factors make outage prevention a complex process that is made much more difficult by shorter certificate lifetimes.

Does your organization have a machine identity management solution that can automate the entire certificate lifecycle? 

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