“Get the edge against credential stuffing.”

It was a pleasure to host two Virtual Whisky Tasting Experiences for 26 CISO’s & CIO’s for Trustwave and Akamai recently.

Every day, millions of usernames and passwords are leaked through data breaches. Sold on the dark web, these stolen credentials combined with new, sophisticated, automated attack techniques wreak havoc. You weren’t responsible for the initial breach, but now cybercriminals and their “bad bots” can come after you and your customers. They can take over accounts, lead to fraud, disrupt the customer experience, and damage your brand. It’s important to understand the current attack methods and how to stop them.

During this interactive session we discussed:

  • Understanding the constantly evolving attack behaviour of malicious bots.
  • Protecting websites and apps from scraping, credential stuffing, and account takeovers.
  • Tips for increased visibility and control of bot activity.

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