“Hindsight Security – Things Breach Victims Wish They’d Done”

We’ve worked with Sophos many times on our Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences. This time with a group of CISO’s across Australia discussing……

This exclusive roundtable aims to educate senior cyber security professionals on the lessons learned by breach victims.  Learn from the experience of one of our most senior members of the Sophos Rapid Response and Managed Threat Response teams, Rob Collins, who will share war stories of what many clients wish they’d done in hindsight. Rob spends his time being on call virtually 24×7 and helping global organizations recover from cyber-attacks and improve their security posture and has worked on the front line in several high-profile Incident Response engagements.

You will learn not only about prevention but also what to do if your organization is the unlucky victim of a breach. We’ll show you how to minimize damage and maximise learning from your own experiences. Although the focus is on ransomware, many of the recommendations apply to other types of breach such as coinminer infestations and industrial espionage.

Hindsight discussion points include: 

  1. Enforcing MFA for system administration and security consoles
  2. Preventing threat actors getting (and using) your passwords
  3. What are PUA’s? (hint: potentially unwanted applications). When are they problematic and what is threat actor usage?  And when should you allow PUA’s in your organization?
  4. Staying ahead of the game when the odds are not in your favour

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