How AI/ML is Impacting Cyber Protection & IT Operations.

BT and Zscaler hosted a Singapore and Sydney Roundtable discussing….

As the adoption of SaaS and public cloud continues to reshape the IT landscape, securing distributed data has become a critical challenge in this rapidly evolving digital era. Legacy protection appliances are no longer sufficient to address the complex threats that organisations face. That’s why, at this event, we will delve into how BT and Zscaler are at the forefront of leveraging the power of AI to address these challenges head-on and provide cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. 

During the dinner, our group we explored the following topics:

Impact of AI / ML in cyber protection and IT operations: Discover how BT and Zscaler are harnessing automation and innovation to revolutionise cyber protection and streamline SaaS and cloud operations.

Mastering the multi cloud from BT: Learn about our transformational new network, specifically designed to address the critical challenges of operating in a multi-cloud environment.

Visualising and quantifying cyber risk: Delve into the tools and techniques empowering CXOs to measure the cyber risk associated with critical applications and assets.

Future of AI / ML in cyber security: Explore emerging trends and technologies that will shape the industry and enable organisations to achieve their strategic goals.

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