“How and why the All-Flash Data centre is an affordable reality and is ending the era of the hard drive.”

It was a pleasure to hear from 15 Sydney Data Leaders over Dinner hosted by Howard Fyffe – Managing Director ANZ – VAST Data discussing…

For the past 30 years organisations have struggled with tradeoffs between storage capacity, performance, and costs. Join this session to discuss how going all in on all-flash delivers a lower cost of ownership than architectures based on mechanical hard drives and why even hybrid or tiered storage solutions are a poor fit modern data analytics and AI/ML workloads.

  1. Why are data leaders and industry innovators gaining competitive advantage by moving to All Flash datacenters to drive AI/ML/HPC workloads?
  2. How to gain real time insights on all your data by achieving a 10x improvement for query performance at a lower cost per query than DAS/HDFS or public cloud.
  3. Why All Flash is now essential in the fight against ransomware and is making HDD-based backup appliances obsolete.
  4. How a new consumption model that disaggregates HW and SW can end the hassle of forced tech refreshes and disruptive migrations and reduce e-waste and carbon footprint.

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