“How does precision and timing play with power and speed? – A Customer Experience discussion”

ACCESS recently hosted an ANZ and ASEAN Virtual Roundtable with a group of Heads of Customer Experience & Marketing. Our speaker was Monica Hovsepian – Global FSI Industry Strategist – OpenText.

In sport as in business, teams must balance their power and precision, as well as their speed and timing.

How can your organisation balance these to best exceed your customer’s expectations?

Is it more important to provide correct, precise information tailored to the individual customer versus speed to market?

We weighed up these key drivers of a successful Customer Experience strategy and to happen across the best process

How did your organisation react to COVID 19?

  1. Fast and furious to be on the front foot and beat competitors to reaching out
  2. More wait and see approach
  3. Do nothing as it wasn’t really applicable
  4. Did customers come to you before you could get to them?
  5. How do you expect them to change post-COVID
  6. Have you already developed a strategy for that

How you tie off speed with accuracy today? How quickly can you CONFIDENTLY reach out to millions of customers with a message? A day, a week a month?

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