“How Finance Leaders Leverage Hype automation for Fast Time-to-Value.”

It was a pleasure to work with Basware on some CFO Sydney and Melbourne Roundtables. Our host Andrew Dos Santos – Director – Basware kicked off the discussions with….

Finance Leaders are considered leaders in their company’s digital transformation journey, trailblazing the path to finance process automation while ensuring quick time-to-value. In this thought-provoking session, you’ll hear a fresh perspective why AP is a foundational part of you procure-to-pay process and why automating AP into a truly touchless process creates deep data insights into you spend patterns, while also freeing up your team’s most valuable commodity – time.  

We discussed:

  • How to make sense of too many data sources: drive actionable insights from 100% spend visibility. 
  • Time better spent on the bigger picture: How automation creates space to focus on strategic priorities. 
  • How to leverage digital transformation in the face of inflation: Technology helps to reduce the cost of doing business permanently and therefore gain a long-term competitive advantage. 
  • How do you give employees the right tools and technology, so that they can work hand in hand alongside technologies like automation, AI, and machine learning? 
  • Remote workforce and speed/accuracy: How do you enable your teams to work faster and from anywhere?

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