How to overcome the data literacy barrier and become more competitive in the market

We hosted a series of Roundtables for Qlik in Singapore, Jakarta and Bangkok for CIO’s on the below content.

Imagine if every decision your organization made was data-driven?  Does everyone in your organization have the ability to read, work with, analyse and argue with data? To stay competitive in today’s world, people at all levels of an organization need to have the hard skills to understand data, visualize and interpret it.  They also need to use soft skills to challenge data with problem solving, think critically and make systemic data-informed decisions, and then communicate decisions using data to stakeholders.  

Reshaping the Future of BI

A discussion on the future directions in Analytics and BI, the Qlik portfolio, and how technologies like AI are reshaping how we use and consume data. New approaches to finding the right data, accelerating insights, and distributing analytics from the C-Suite to the edge will be discussed and illustrated.

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