“Human behaviour, passwords and their impact on the cyber security posture.”

We have hosted a Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane CISO Lunch on behalf of LastPass. Our group of CISOs and CIOs discussed….

Remote work isn’t a trend, but a new way for organisations to operate. Identity represents the “new perimeter” and there needs to be more urgency, focus, and prioritisation made toward meeting these risks by organisations. Will this finally be the tipping point that causes people to show more concern for their online data?

Such thinking is backed by statistics drawn from the likes of the annual Verizon DBIR that regularly show that approximately 80% of breaches are related to credential theft, etc. The OAIC’s Notifiable Data Breach reports regularly highlights brute force attacks, credential theft, and phishing as key causes of breaches locally. The human is at the centre of this issue. 

This executive roundtable we explored:

  • How to shift your organisations mindset to improve performance and behaviours towards cybersecurity.
  • How can be a business enabler while managing risks, providing IT Security the opportunity to build credibility, confidence, and profile with the board?
  • How does having a comprehensive identity solution balance the control IT needs with the experienced users expect.

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