“Humanising digital-first journeys for a better customer experience, revenue growth, and loyalty.”

It was great to host a Singapore breakfast with Monica Acree – Vice President of Asia Pacific – FullStory. Our group discussed….

As the economy tightens, creating amazing digital experiences is the next crucial path in competing for customer delight – and ultimately revenue growth and retention.  This focus on digital experience has been validated across industries with leading companies like Peloton, Forbes, Gap, Kathmandu, Optus, MYOB, Kogan, and more investing in digital and seeing big results. What’s more, consumers’ expectations of digital experiences are higher than ever before with more than 58% of consumers reporting they wouldn’t return to a business that provides a poor digital experience. 

Tiny changes in conversion rates can mean millions of dollars to your business and every user to your website and mobile app has a unique story, with legacy, tag-based analytics only giving you a tiny slice of that story. Don’t miss the answers you can’t predict. 

To compete and win the hearts and minds of your current & future digital customers, leading Southeast Asia brands to demand real-time contextual insights and perfect recall of the critical moments in every user’s story. Identify the frustration and friction points in your digital buyer’s journey, eliminate the guesswork and remove blindspots so you know exactly how to deliver the perfect digital experience.

We discussed:

  • The digital experience trends driving Southeast Asia’s leading brands prosperity in 2022 and beyond.
  • Increase revenue through better conversion: How to identify & resolve revenue-impacting issues, understand how many customers are affected, and contextualise this data with real-user sessions.
  • Improve organisational efficiency: Empower product and engineering teams with the data they need to identify, prioritise, troubleshoot, and fix digital experience problems faster.
  • Winning, growing, and retaining loyal customers: Confidently iterate and improve your digital experiences to keep customers coming back and spending more.
  • Privacy controls that protect your customers and you: Build trust with your customers with a robust platform to manage privacy, consent and selective inclusion of on-screen text.

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