“Identity Security, the Heart of Digital Evolution”

We have recently hosted a series of CISO & CIO Lunch Roundtables across Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane powered by Nam Lam – Country Manager, ANZ at SailPoint on the below content.

The last two years have seen multiple unparalleled forces driving change. The evolution of work sets an unprecedented stage for a continuous work from anywhere culture, coupled with an equal evolution of digital services, and an ever-evolving sophisticated cyber threat landscape. The corresponding response to this shift, a continued focus on complying with the ASD Essential 8 and the amendments to the Critical Infrastructure Act, impose tighter guidelines and increase cyber security requirements. While technology is an enabler, the focus is renewed on facilitating change, without impact.

Delivering rapid and appropriate access is critical and a key component of balancing productivity and security. But too much access – over-provisioning – can expose your organisation to serious security risks. The proliferation of different types of devices coupled with diverse platforms, applications, and cloud ecosystems has transformed organisations into interconnected mobile societies. Securing this sprawling ecosystem is essential to your productivity and meeting regulatory compliance.

Over lunch we discussed:

  • Cyber Threats and the barriers to cyber resilience Cost, workforce 
  • Who has access to what? What should they have access to? How did they get that access?
  • Legislation and reporting requirements:
  • Managing changing regulations and an increasingly diverse user base.
  • How do you address compliance risks posed by hybrid IT architectures?
  • Drive operational efficiency

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