“Innovative Advantage in Digital Customer Experiences.”

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ping Identity on two Sydney and Melbourne Roundtables with our CISOs and CIOs were discussing….

There is an increased understanding at the board level and by C-level executives in Australia of the financial and reputational risks posed by cyber security breaches. Increased publicity about and awareness of cyber-attacks, and stricter regulations and legislation, are increasing maturity levels.

Businesses have embraced digital to engage with their customers. Keeping pace in this rapidly evolving threat landscape requires businesses to look for innovative ways to build experiences that optimize security without impacting user convenience. 

Leaders must collaborate with teams across the business to develop and execute a customer-facing digital strategy that ensures a frictionless experience, enhanced security, protection from fraud, and regulatory compliance. Using customer identity, leaders can establish a firm foundation of collaboration with different stakeholders to orchestrate digital experiences that drive sales, lower fraud losses, and meet business objectives.

Our group discussed:

  • How customer identity can be the driving force of innovation and collaboration behind digital experiences that deliver business impact. 
  • How to use customer identity as an innovative advantage; 
  • How collaboration between IT, business, fraud, and governance teams can be fostered with customer identity; and 

Best practices on how to build, test, and optimize digital experiences.

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