“Insights on Technology driven Business Transformation.”

We recently hosted a CFO Melbourne Lunch for SAP and Deloitte discussing…

Technology is changing rapidly, and so are consumers, radically altering how companies do business. We invite you to join us in our Finance leader’s roundtable to listen to and share insights that help leaders understand their business environment and where it’s heading.

The theme of the lunch was “technology-driven business transformation” which was specifically selected to allow discussion around the particular sensitivity of building a business case for transformation, challenges, and the journey to create success. The Roundtable Lunch was hosted by Deloitte’s Business Transformation expert, James Stone whom day to day works with Finance Leaders on how to transform their businesses to create future-proofed solutions in an ever-evolving industry and will share insights on the transformation journey and how it has been driven by new technology capabilities.

Group discussion points:

  1. Rapidly changing Technology – what does that mean for businesses and how can that be harnessed?
  2. Business Transformation – Success and Failures – Why?
  3. Building a Business Case.
  4. Challenges and the journey to create success.

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