“Insurance Tech Trends 2023: What C-Suite is Telling IDC Financial Insights.”

It was a pleasure to work with Kofax and IDC hosting a Sydney and Singapore Insurance Leaders Lunch Roundtable discussing…..

As part of its outlook 2023 series, IDC Financial Insights has been looking at the top drivers of tech investments in the Asia/Pacific region. There are drivers like the pursuit of even greater business process efficiency, or digital insurance (front-end digitalization), or the greater use of the cloud that seems everlasting. But much newer themes like sustainability, cloud economics, and building for innovation that make 2023 a breakthrough year for many of APAC’s rapidly digitalizing insurers and super-regional insurers.

IDC research also identifies signals of a market that is being shaped by risk management concerns – but a market is poised to use greater business, risk, and IT alignment to respond to adverse conditions. C-Suite priorities of speed, resiliency, and flexibility have never been stronger. 

We discussed:

  • Key drivers of tech investments in 2023.
  • The customer-facing business processes that matter the most in 2023.
  • New trends: Sustainability, Buy vs Build, Cloud Economics 2023.
  • New standards for cost management, speed, resiliency, and flexibility.
  • Big areas of application modernization: Digital Insurance 2023, servicing, risk mitigation.
  • The Risk Management agenda for 2023: Digital Resiliency becomes part of compliance.

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