Is Digital Transformation Driving the Need for DevSecOps?

It was a pleasure to work again with Sonatype on an ANZ and ASEAN Virtual Roundtable.

recent survey showed digital transformation is the biggest annual challenge for senior executives. The automation of traditional IT processes enables greater efficiencies, secure software development, and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Over 20 million developers working for Enterprise organisations across the globe. The universal desire for faster innovation and Digital Transformation has led to DevOps-empowered developers demanding efficient reuse of code, which in turn has led to a growing dependence on open source and third-party software libraries. This velocity means applications are developed faster but it also introduces new security risks. 

A secure foundation for software innovation is the ultimate source of competitiveness and value creation for almost every type of business. As a result, three things are increasingly common among corporate software engineering teams and the 20 million software developers that work for them:

  1. They seek faster innovation
  2. They seek improved security
  3. They utilise a massive volume of open source libraries

We discussed how the modern software supply chain and the drive for digital innovation are putting organisations at risk. And whether it is time to empower every developer to be a DevSecOps expert.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Oversee new cyber risks whilst still supporting new Digital Transformation initiatives
  2. Achieve strategic IT initiatives by streamlining software development processes and enabling increased speed to market with new products
  3. Focus on IT security automation to achieve safer and faster software development practices

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