“Is legacy ERP holding you back”

We hosted a Perth Mining & Minerals Leaders Lunch for SAP. Our speaker Sam Hyder – CEO of Geographe kicked off the session with.

The last year and a half have taught companies the benefit of real-time shifts in direction. In times of uncertainty companies look to their finance teams to provide critical financial and operational information at a drop of a hat. However, according to Aberdeen’s latest report, 25% of companies feel they have too many manual processes and too much pressure from stakeholders.

We discussed how midsize companies are using Cloud ERP to help navigate through uncertainty and address financial challenges, while improving business results. With 80% of our customers being small and midsize companies, we help businesses stay flexible, allowing you to start small and scale as you grow.

  • Ways your business can fuel growth with Intelligent ERP.
  • How your business can become more resilient and predictable.
  • Requirements that should guide your selection of a modern ERP.

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