“Is your Cloud-ready business, also Ransomware ready? And what does it take to be truly prepared?”

It was a pleasure to host some CISO & CIO Lunches in Sydney & Melbourne on behalf of Vertias. Our lead Mark Nutt – Senior Vice President International – Veritas started the conversations with….

If your organisation suffered a ransomware attack today, how confident are you that your business could recover quickly? Could you ignore the ransom?

It’s widely accepted that dealing with a ransomware attack is inevitable. However, in a recent survey of Australian CISOs, 40% admitted they were not confident that they could recover from a ransomware event without significant disruptions to their business. Adding to the complexity of an effective recovery strategy is the fact that the pandemic drove 88% of Australian organisations to go above and beyond their original cloud roll-out plans. This has meant security measures have struggled to keep pace, costs have multiplied and there’s a lack of clarity around the critical assets needing protection.

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