IT Security’s Changing Role in Digital Transformation

Hosted by Ian Pitt the Global CIO at LogMeIn, this executive roundtable with 18 CIO & CISO’s based in Melbourne explored how IAM (Identity Access Management) can be a business enabler while managing risks, providing IT Security the opportunity to build credibility, confidence, and profile with the board.

According to IDC, 89% of Australian CEOs are under pressure to execute a successful Digital Transformation (DX) strategy. However, while DX looks to optimise the management of risk, IT Security’s traditional approach of block all risk reinforces the perception of Security as a business blocker, rather than an enabler.

IT Leaders have turned the challenges of DX into opportunity, and are changing how they have traditionally been perceived. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one such opportunity that is enabling IT Security show real business value by becoming central to business growth and transformation decisions.

“ I really liked that we were able to share ideas, concerns and success stories with fellow CIO’s under Chatham House rules. There were several important learnings that I want to now pursue.” Peter Brusco – CIO – Kangan Institute

“I really enjoyed the  industry insights on where everyone was in their journey.  I did touch base with them at the end for a follow up chat. I thought this was a highly successful event!” Dovid Clarke – Group CISO – MMG

“I took away merging home and office based security competencies and education. I found today’s session useful and there were a few good takeaways for me.” Anna Gelling – IT Director – GSK

I think the best thing from today is that there are no single fixes and everyone has the same questions and issues on a high level. There is a marked difference between public sector and private though, with public sector relying more on policy and legal frameworks (OVIC, VPDSF, etc) as guides while the private sector seems to rely more on Industry best practice.” Andre Bester – CIO – William Angliss Institute

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