“Know the Key Drivers to Scale your AI Strategy before you hit the wall. If you are training for a marathon; you’ve probably heard about the dreaded wall.”

It was great to work with Dataiku in Bangkok and Jakarta with groups of Data, Analtyics, and AI Leaders discussing….

The wall occurs somewhere around the 20 -mile mark. The runner, who has not managed his training and effort correctly, is forced to slow down considerably, sometimes to a walk. Scaling AI across the organisation is similar on many points – a long-lasting effort where some key drivers contribute to starting, scaling, managing your efforts, and achieving value.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to avoid hitting the wall. Join us for an executive luncheon as they explore how enterprises can leverage and mature AI to scale their products and services and improve operational efficiencies through maturing governance frameworks and technology. Key discussion points over lunch will include:

  1. How organisations can ensure their AI transformation aligns with their strategic goals and ends up being meaningful for the business.
  2. How to acquire the right data and guarantee access to it in a governed way.
  3. What to consider in the selection of the right tools to enable the end-to-end creation and use of AI-powered analytical applications.
  4. Tackle the war on talent and skills transformation challenge of hiring the right people, training, and retaining them.

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