Making Analytics Accessible to Everyone: The Power of Democratization

We recently hosted an Alteryx Singapore and Malaysian Data & Analtyics Lunch discussing…

It’s no secret that many organizations aspire to make data-driven decisions using analytics, but only a small percentage actually succeed.

Surprisingly, despite significant investments in big data and AI technologies by 97% of organizations, only 23% claim to be truly data-driven.

Why is there such a wide gap between investments and outcomes, and what is causing this bottleneck?

The main obstacles to achieving data-driven success are complex and fragmented data systems, a shortage of skilled data and analytics professionals, inefficient and manual processes, and a lack of data literacy and a data-centric culture. 

However, what if organizations could empower their entire workforce to utilize data and analytics to tackle their most significant and complex challenges?

There is a way, a proven method, that has helped organizations democratize analytics across the entire enterprise.

  1. The different stages of analytics maturity.
  2. The divide between people and technology.
  3. The unbalanced spending on data and analytics technologies.
  4. A better way to do things – democratizing analytics.

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