Managing & Securing your data in a hybrid cloud world

Today ACCESS hosted a CIO Roundtable in Sydney’s Sake with 18 CIO’s and Head’s of IT on behalf of Harbour IT and NetApp. The feedback, content, and networking was extremely strong from this group of IT Leaders.

How your hybrid cloud infrastructure runs can often be an indication of how your organisation is performing. Having a flexible, scalable and high-performance environment in place is critical for industries and organisations pursuing growth, however, for those facing tension between the power of the cloud and increasing requirements for data control, regulatory compliance and managing IT becomes a balancing act.

During this lunch session the group covered the below:

· When and How to get the best out of both the Private and Public cloud environments. 

· How simplifying your IT operations and improve IT agility.

· How IT can enable your companies data strategy.

· Secure, protect and retain only the data you need.

· Ensure your data meet data compliance regulations.

· How to de-risk your data strategy where you are always in control of where your data sits.

· How working with a Managed Service model ensures a rapid, cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow approach to establishing your hybrid cloud environment.

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