Marketing New M.O: A Conversation with the next generation of CMO’s and how they are redefining the role

This week ACCESS hosted three CMO breakfast roundtables for Domo in Melbourne, Sydney, and Auckland. We saw 57 CMO’s and Heads of Marketing listen to Adam Cordner – Technology adviser moderating each of these sessions on the below content.

How to approach transformation within the marketing department and the role of data capability and maturity in achieving this. We will also share a use case-based methodology to identify and prioritise use cases and the practical steps to get started. The session will outline a few key insights:

The explosion of technology, data, and tools has created data blindness and it’s easy to lose sight of the strategic view of a marketing organisation’s plan.

There is a skill gap and often those insights are locked away with the individuals who have the skills (e.g. the analysts) and primarily used in a tactical way, missing the opportunity for uses such as creative planning.

Going beyond the marketing organisation boundary to drive customer experience and value.

The feedback that we have been receiving has been awesome from all events. Below are just some of the comments.

Thank you so much for inviting me to this morning’s event and it was an excellent event. I took away that the short tenure of CMOs and challenge this creates; the 83% that are unsure about which tech platforms; and the resulting conversation and insights from peers regarding this.Ant Thomas – Head of Marketing – Heinemann

“Best thing being able to chat with other senior marketers, had a couple of really great people on my table.” Adam Norman – CMO – RBC Investor

“I really enjoyed the discussion around vendor relationship. Especially the fact that we don’t share enough with our vendors and they should really be our business partners.Jessie Ye – Head of Marketing – DFS Australia

Really enjoyed the discussion, thanks for hosting.” Melody Townsend – Head of Marketing – ME Bank

“Thank you for having me this morning, great conversation and attendees.” Sophia Brown – Head of Marketing – David Jones

“Thanks for today, so great discussion and very relevant to most of us in the room. I had some good thought-provoking topics and keen to think further on this.” Natalie Davey – Head of Marketing – Cricket Australia

“Good, overall event. Good audience and venue, of course.” Mitchell Mackey – Marketing Director – Ansell

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