“Mastering complexity to drive a competitive advantage.”

We saw SAP and Siganvio host a CFO Singapore lunch discussing….

Digital transformation is a key component of an overall business transformation strategy, and while not the only factor, it’s critical to the success or failure of any transformation effort. The right technologies – coupled with people, processes, and operations – give organisations the ability to adapt quickly to disruption and/or opportunities; meet new and evolving customer needs, and drive future growth and innovation, often in unexpected ways.

In the first of the four Industrial Revolutions, steam power was the disruptive technology that changed the world. In the second it was the assembly line; in the third, it was the computer. Today, we are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and it is digital. Intelligent digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI)machine learningInternet of Things (IoT) networks, advanced analytics, and robotics, have the power to reinvent how we work and do business – and how companies engage with their customers and the world.

In an open and relaxed atmosphere, come and discuss and discover the innovations your business can leverage today to become a more resilient, sustainable, and intelligent enterprise. 

We discussed:

  • Closing the gap between operational realities, strategy, and vision.
  • Providing integrated, single source of truth views with robust business process models that facilitate multi-disciplinary partnerships.
  • Courageously building trust for high performance, agreement, and commitment for the work required to deliver sustainable outcomes.

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